Why Do My Car Brakes Squeak When I Slow Down?

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A few things might cause your brakes to squeak when you slow down. It depends on the type of brakes your vehicle has and how often you have them maintained. MMW Repair in Marietta, GA, are brake experts, and we’d be happy to inspect your brakes to isolate the cause of the squeaks.

Brake Types

Standard automobile brake systems include both disc and drum brakes. Whether your vehicle is equipped with anti-lock brakes doesn’t really matter. A disc brake system stops the vehicle’s front wheels by pressing a pad against a rotor or disc, hence “disc” brakes. A drum brake system stops the vehicle’s rear wheels by pressing a shoe against a drum. Most squeaks sound from the disc brakes, but there is one culprit that will cause the drum brakes to sound as well.

Disc Brake Squeal Causes

In the morning, especially here in Georgia’s humid climate, your disc brakes might squeak the first few times you depress the brake pedal because of condensation. The moisture trapped between the pad and the rotor causes the sound, and you’ll notice your brakes squeak a lot during or after rain showers or after you’ve had your vehicle washed.

If your brake pads are getting too thin, there is a wear indicator that will squeal to alert you it’s time for an inspection. You can avoid this alarm by consulting your owner’s manual and bringing your vehicle in at the proper mileage milestones for brake system checks. If the pads wear down too much, you’ll damage the discs or rotors because the caliper will cause metal-to-metal friction every time you engage the brakes.

Finally, if you decided to save money the last time you had your brake pads replaced and bought the cheapest pads available, you might have metal-to-metal contact without intending to. Cheaper brake pads have high metal content in them, so they will squeak sometimes even when they’re brand new. It’s always a good idea to spend a little extra and ensure you only have high-quality parts installed in your vehicle. This saves you money in the end.

Drum Brake Squeal Causes

If you hear the obnoxious sound coming from the rear, it’s likely your drum brakes are squealing. The most common cause for this annoyance is dry contact points. Part of a brake system inspection and service includes lubricating the shoe-to-backing contact points. This avoids annoying squeals and also helps extend the life of your drum brakes. Think friction. The less of it the less wear and tear on any vehicle part.

Call MMW Repair in Marietta, GA, at 770-214-4688 if your brakes are squealing or squeaking. We’ll be happy to inspect them and make any necessary repairs to ensure silent stops.

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