The Best Apps for Diagnosing Vehicle Issues

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With technology moving faster than ever, especially when it comes to new vehicles, engineers and developers are finding new and innovative ways to diagnose car trouble. Today, most cars come with on-board diagnostics (OBD) that let drivers access information from the engine’s control unit using a phone (or other device) and an OBD app.

Here’s a list of popular OBD apps for both Android and iPhone.


  • Torque Pro – This popular option lets you see the car’s activity in real time, reads transmission temperature, indicates C02 emissions, and has a variety of fault codes (and keeps a history of them for you). It also has voice alarms and a car dock maintenance option.
  • HobDrive – This app not only diagnoses engine problems but tracks fueling and service, records trip information, and has route-planning capabilities.
  • OBD Car Doctor Pro – This one reports everything from vehicle speed and angle of rotation to engine temperature and pressure. It also has charts and sensors that check data in real time.
  • Carista OBD2 – This option tracks emissions but also lets you test for errors and has extended diagnostics options. It differs from others because it allows you to automate headlights, door locks, or sensor sounds.


  • OBD Auto Doctor – As the most popular app for iPhones, OBD Auto Doctor checks and resets problem codes. You can also interact with your OBD system more easily than some of the other options. Along with diagnostics, it shows fuel consumption and lets you send its data via email.
  • EOBD Facile – With the same diagnostics and real-time data as other apps, this one also clears the check engine light, monitors manufacturer codes, records trip data, and lets you view all engine codes and their meanings.
  • Engine Link – This option has more ways for drivers to reset information. For example, you can choose the data you wish to view but turn off other alerts or clear previous fault codes. In addition, it has the diagnostic capabilities of other apps along with real-time data, HUD mode (for nighttime driving), and displays for speed, fuel, RPM, and coolant.
  • DevToaster Rev – After winning the Editor’s Choice Award in Popular Mechanics magazine in 2009, this one has stayed at the top of the list. Its most popular feature is a map that displays both your driving and your car’s performance in real time. It tells you how fast and efficiently you’re driving and what your vehicle’s acceleration and braking look like.

It bears noting that this technology should be used in conjunction with and not in place of a professional technician. Although it helps reveal a problem, nothing replaces hands-on expertise. So remember, for all your vehicle’s maintenance and repair needs, call MMW Repair at 770-214-4688 and schedule an appointment today!

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