Repairs Covered Under a Dealer Warranty

If you’ve recently purchased a new car, it’s an exciting time. But what if your car needs repair other than normal preventative maintenance? You may think that your only option is to bring your vehicle to the dealer, but that may not always be the case. You should also have a full understanding of what types of repairs are covered under your dealer warranty so you can save money. Let’s take a closer look at these common questions that many new owners have.

Do You Have to go to the Dealer?

There’s no cardinal rule that states you must take your new car to the dealer for repairs. Just be aware that some manufacturer warranties require you to take it to an authorized dealer, or you could run the risk of voiding your warranty. Other than warranty-related repairs, you’re more than welcome to choose a smaller, local mechanic if you prefer. While dealers can work on your specific make and model, most experienced shops should be able to do the same.

An important reason to take your vehicle to a smaller shop is that you’ll get better communication and build relationships. A smaller shop gets to know its customers and their cars. They’ll also likely be able to offer you a lower cost on parts and repairs if it’s something not covered under your warranty. When you combine personalized service with better pricing, it’s no surprise that many new vehicle owners prefer to bring their car to a local shop for repair.

What if Repairs are Not Under Warranty?

Before you bring your car in for repair, read your warranty thoroughly. Most warranties are very specific about the parts they cover and the ones they do not. If you find that your issues are not covered under warranty, you’ll need to shop around for the best prices. Make sure whoever you choose uses new parts and not aftermarket parts. An aftermarket part could go bad, and that could mean more money out of your pocket later down the line. Essentially, if the repairs are not under warranty, you have the freedom to take your vehicle wherever you choose.

New cars should run a lot longer before they need serious repair, but sometimes things happen. It’s recommended that you take your vehicle for regularly scheduled maintenance to avoid breakdowns and save you money on costly repairs. Whether old or new, all vehicles need to have regular oil changes, brake checks, and alignments in order to run safely and smoothly.

If you’d like to have an inspection or repair done on your vehicle, call MMW Repair in Marietta, Georgia at 770-214-4688 to schedule your appointment today.

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