Is 93 Octane Gasoline Only For Race Cars?

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Whenever you head to the gas pump, you’re faced with a decision as to which type of fuel to fill up with. Many drivers today choose the least expensive of the options, but is 93-octane gas better for your car, or is it just for race cars? Before you decide to fill up with this high octane and more expensive gasoline, let’s take a closer look at the difference between regular and premium fuel for your vehicle.

Octane Levels

Most gas stations today will present you with three different octane levels. Regular is typically featured at about 87, and mid-grade is typically around 89. Premium fuel is often labeled anywhere from 91 to 93. Each octane level is a bit higher than the former, and the higher the number, the more efficiently the fuel will burn in your engine’s combustion chamber. In a nutshell, this octane rating gauges the ability of the fuel to resist problems like knocking or pinging when you drive. The higher level of octane, the better the fuel can resist this annoying issue.

Do You Need 93-Octane Gas?

Contrary to what you may have heard, there’s really no real advantage to using high-octane gas if your car does not absolutely require it. In fact, 93-octane gas won’t improve your gas mileage or make your car run better. Check your owner’s manual to determine which type of gasoline will work best for your vehicle. If it’s the lower octane style, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it. Modern vehicles can handle lower octane fuel because they’re able to better monitor knocking and any adjustments to the ignition that may be needed to avoid that knocking feeling. This gives you more buying power and flexibility when it comes to choosing a less expensive, lower-octane gasoline.

When You Might Choose Mid-Grade Gasoline

Somewhere in the middle is fuel called mid-grade, and it’s often found at an octane level of 89. If you notice your engine has been pinging, fill the tank with mid-grade gasoline and it may help to keep it under control. In general, very few vehicles actually require the use of mid-grade fuel on a regular basis. As long as your particular vehicle doesn’t have a high-compression engine that specifically requires you to fill up with 93-octane, a regular to mid-grade gasoline should be just fine. If you’re ever in doubt or you need to perform a checkup, get a repair, or do some maintenance on your car, MMW Repair in Marietta, Georgia is happy to assist you with all your vehicle needs.

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