Best Ways To Obtain Better Gas Mileage In Atlanta Traffic

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Here in Georgia, our highway roads are well maintained. They are in good repair with very few potholes. Sometimes that means there is frequent road work. Our commute is hindered oftentimes by roadwork and commuters. With Atlanta being a city with many corporations calling it home, the large volume of traffic during commuting hours can spell traffic jams, everyday. Atlanta ranks frequently at the bottom on many published lists of worst traffic. Conversely, Georgia also has many rural areas with long stretches of dirt roads and trees with farms on either side. Either way, you look at Georgia, you will spend lots of time on the road. Let’s take a look at how you can get better gas mileage here in Georgia.

Do Not Accelerate Or Brake Often

Ha! This is not a joke. But, obviously, this is a gas killer during rush hour and stop and go traffic. The rapid acceleration and deceleration will reduce your gas mileage by as much as 15-20%, some studies show. Especially, if you aggressively drive in this manner, it can be even worse. Basically, the more force to start needed the more gas the car needs. While stopping, the wind and other forces working against the car causes the need for more fuel to start.

Maintain A Cruising Speed

Your tires are working against you, but they are designed for your safety. The fact that your tires have the traction that keeps you safe on the road, it is resistance against moving forward easily. The more resistance needed the more gas that is being used. When you reach a speed where you are cruising, your car moves more fluidly and your gas mileage goes down.

Drop Some Cargo

Those extra tires, the kid’s extra clothes, and sports equipment, your golf clubs, clothes to go to the charity that you are hauling around will cause you some extra bucks at the gas tank. The heavier your car, the more gas that it cost you at the pump.

Reduce Idling

Limit the amount of idling that you do. Try to take the scenic route and avoid red lights. While you wait to pick up a friend or during carpool, turn your car off. All the extra time that your car is on, even when it is not moving will all to your overall fuel economy. Contact us at MMW Repairs to discuss any specific options for your particular vehicle on how to conserve fuel economy.

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